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Our environmental and water governance solutions help you to take sustainable management decisions.

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We deliver sustainable solutions for environmental and water management and governance challenges throughout southern Africa. We meet the needs and expectations of our clients by providing advisory and consulting services, by developing environmental data digitisation and visualisation solutions, and by presenting training courses of outstanding quality.

We specialize in providing cooperative and collaborative solutions in environmental, waste and water governance and management, which helps you to take better business management decisions.  Our services include water use license applications, water governance assessments, IWWMPs, WUL audits, and much more.

We create innovative solutions, services and products to convert your environmental data  into interpreted graphs and reports that will lead to improved environmental decision-making, and that will improve your environmental compliance and reporting, reducing your risks and liabilities.

We provide specialised training services in Environmental, Waste, and Water Management and Governance to facilitate capacity building and improved knowledge-based environmental decision-making.  

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CBSS combines years of experience with the latest policy thinking and information technology, to develop solutions that will last beyond tomorrow, and that will lead to better decision-making by government, industry, and civil society at large.

We have provided sustainable solutions to many different types of clients, including:

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fairness in decision-making

If you do not legally require an authorisation, it is unfair to expect you to apply for one. It is also unfair to unnecessarily delay the processing of your application, or to expect you to comply with unreasonable requirements. Environmental- and water governance is all about fairness in administrative decision-making

scientific integrity

We value scientific correctness, because the decisions that are taken based on environmental data (especially water quality and quantity monitoring data), can have serious long term consequences, not only for the environment. We therefore make sure to only use verified and scientifically sound data and information

knowledge transfer

Environmental and water governance is about people, and if your people lack the knowledge to distinguish good governance from bad governance, their decisions will reflect it. Our training courses are designed to provide the skills and attitudes required to ensure that good governance decisions are recognised, and bad ones challenged

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