About CBSS

About CBSS

Carin Bosman Sustainable Solutions cc (CBSS) was established in 2007 to provide environmental-, water- and waste governance solutions to the public and private sectors throughout Southern Africa. Our solutions include advisory and consulting services, environmental data digitization and visualization solutions, and training solutions, and are aimed at identifying and addressing potential problems that could lead to environmental damage and pollution, in order to prevent associated liabilities and reputational damage to our clients.

We are independent, we are the only environmental advisory services company in South Africa that specialise in cooperative environmental and water governance, and that combines scientific and regulatory advisory services with digital transformation and training solutions. 

CBSS combines years of experience with the latest policy thinking and information technology, to develop implementable solutions that will last beyond tomorrow, and that will lead to better decision-making by government, industry, and civil society alike.

What sets us apart

Our Mission

We Deliver Solutions For a Sustainable Future

We deliver solutions of outstanding quality that meet the needs and expectations of our clients throughout southern Africa, and that help them to take sustainable decisions in water- and environmental governance and management.

Meet the CBSS Team

The CBSS Team and Our collaboorators making sustainable solutions that work for you

Carin Bosman

Owner/Director of CBSS
Water and Environmental Governance Specialist Advisor

Carin is recognised by WISA as a Senior Fellow, and is a water resources scientist and a leading specialist in environmental, water resource and waste management and governance in South Africa. She has more than 30 years of experience, and is known for her exceptional knowledge of the technical interpretation of southern African environmental legislation. She is an invited guest lecturer at four South African Universities.

Miki Eff

Digital Environmental Solutions Specialist

Miki has more than 30 years of experience in developing software and data management and visualisation solutions for environmental applications. She obtained her degree from the University of Hawaii in Hawaiian Studies, with her major focusing on the Natural Environment. She has been living in South Africa since 2008.

Nonhlanhla Mhlongo

Researcher and Office Assistant

Nhlah is a researcher and office assistantat CBSS. She is a qualified educator (B.Ed.) with a keen interest in environmental and community health research. She is fluent in ten (10) of the 11 official languages of South Africa. Her contribution to projects requiring community liaison, as well as with training, and the general administration of projects, including data capture and quality control, are invaluable in ensuring the effective service delivery of CBSS.

Our Values​

fairness in decision-making

If you do not legally require an authorisation, it is unfair to expect you to apply for one. It is also unfair to unnecessarily delay the processing of your application, or to expect you to comply with unreasonable requirements. Environmental- and water governance is all about fairness in administrative decision-making

scientific integrity

We value scientific correctness, because the decisions that are taken based on environmental data (especially water quality and quantity monitoring data), can have serious long term consequences, not only for the environment. We therefore make sure to only use verified and scientifically sound data and information

knowledge transfer

Environmental and water governance is about people, and if your people lack the knowledge to distinguish good governance from bad governance, their decisions will reflect it. Our training courses are designed to provide the skills and attitudes required to ensure that good governance decisions are recognised, and bad ones challenged

Where we work

Our Company Profile

Our Memberships, Affiliations, and Partners

As we described when we told Our Story, we realized from the very beginning that Collaboration is the key to achieving our mission of delivering Solutions that lead to sustainable decision-making in Environmental- and Water Governance, because it takes a village to eat an elephant. We therefore work in close partnership and collaboration with the following organisations

Partners we work in close collaboration with

Carin Bosman has won the award for best presenter at a number of international conferences

We are committed to ensuring transformation in the South African society, and we comply with all relevant statutory requirements, including the BB-BEE regulations

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