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About CBSS

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About CBSS

CBSS was established in 2008 to provide environmental-, water- and waste governance solutions to the public and private sectors throughout Southern Africa. Our solutions include advisory and consulting services, environmental data digitization and visualization solutions, and training solutions, and are aimed at identifying and addressing potential problems that could lead to environmental damage and pollution, in order to prevent associated liabilities and reputational damage to our clients.

CBSS Solutions

What We Offer

Environmental Services

We are independent, we are the only environmental advisory services company in South Africa that specialize in cooperative environmental and water governance, and that combines advisory services with digital transformation and training solutions. CBSS combines years of experience with the latest policy thinking and information technology, to develop implementable solutions that will last beyond tomorrow, and that will lead to better decision-making by government, industry, and civil society alike.

Sustainable Solutions

Our Mission

We Deliver Solutions For a Sustainable Future

We deliver solutions of outstanding quality that meet the needs and expectations of our clients throughout southern Africa, and that help them to take sustainable decisions in water- and environmental governance and management.


What Sets Us Apart

We are the only consulting company in southern Africa that specialises in environmental- and water governance, and that combines advisory services with digital and training solutions. We are regularly contacted by the media for our views on water and environmental governance matters.

We Care

Our Commitments

Community Assistance

We provide pro-bono assistance to communities and NGOs on matters related to environmental- and water governance. Download our Community Assistance Policy.

Statutory Compliance

We are committed to ensuring transformation in the South African society, and we comply with all relevant statutory requirements, including the BB-BEE regulations.

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