Water Use Assessment for Mabula Private Game Reserve

Project Name/Type: Water Governance Assessment for Mabula Private Game Reserve (PGR), Limpopo Province, South Africa
Client: Mabula PGR
In Association with: CVV Enviro
Location: Gauteng Province, South Africa
Completed: 2019
Categories: water governance and water use licensing, water use assessment, and water use license applications (WULAs)

CVV Enviro subcontracted CBSS to undertake a Water Use Assessment (“WUA”) for the Mabula Private Game Reserve (“Mabula PGR”).

Mabula is located in the Limpopo Province, approximately 45 km west of the town of Bela-Bela, traversing quaternary catchments A23H and A24G.  It consists of a number of properties, which are owned by various shareholders, and managed on their behalf by Mabula Share Block Companies (Pty) Ltd.  The Mabula PGR was originally established in the 1980s, and became a Private Game Reserve in 1998.

The Project is conducted in three phases: Phase 1 (this Project) of the WUA for the Mabula PGR was aimed at identifying all water uses as described in section 21 of the NWA that take place at Mabula, as well as determining any information gaps that need to be addressed in order to establish the type of authorisation that is required for each identified water use.

Phase 2 will of the WUA for the Mabula PGR will commence as soon as these information gaps have been addressed, and will be aimed at obtaining water use licenses for those activities that require them. Phase 3 wil be aimed at implementing water use efficiency measures for the game reserve, especially during peak holiday times.


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