Environmental Awareness Workshop

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Environmental Awareness Workshop

CBSS developed a dedicated one-day Environmental Awareness Workshop tailor-made for your organisation, at any level, from Top Management, to Supervisors, and Entree-level Staff.

This one-day Workshop provides attendees with an overall awareness of the need for good environmental governance;  an understanding of their liabilities, duties, and responsibilities in so far as compliance with environmental legislative requirements; as well as a practical workshop-type discussion where they can identify and explore opportunities to improve overall environmental compliance and implement better environmental management practices.

We can customise the Workshop based around your own environmental policies and procedures, to make sure that your people understand their obligations with regard to improved environmental management, risks, and liabilities.

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Ebvironmental Awareness Wrokshop

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If you need your staff to be more aware about how environmental issues can affect your “license to operate”, get in touch, and we will design a tailor-made course for you!

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