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Water Monitoring

The cost of water monitoring, especially of water quality monitoring, is high, and when data is collected, but not interpreted in a manner that can lead to informed management decision-making, it is simply a waste of time and money.

Incorporating efficient environmental data interpretation and management systems is one of the key factors which contributes to a business’ success. According to Mervyn King (former governor of the Bank of England), “sustainability is the primary moral and economic imperative of the 21st Century. It is the most important source of both opportunities and risks for businesses. Nature, society, and business are interconnected in complex ways that should be understood by decision-makers”.

In this regard, sustainability science is the scientific way of gathering data to analyze pathways towards a (more) sustainable world, by taking into account future generations. And the only way in which we can understand these complex relationships, is when we make sure that decision-makers (both in our own organisations and in government) understand our environmental data. If we fail to present our environmental data in a visualised and easy-to-understand format to decision-makers, we are ultimately responsible for the poor governance decisions that will inevitably be the result.

In order to achieve good water governance, and to ensure compliance and reduce risks, all water monitoring data requires proper validation and interpretation by a qualified water chemist. Validated water monitoring data need to be compared against site-specific limit values developed based on the Resource Quality Objectives for the nearest surface water or groundwater resource. More often than not, lazy pseudo-scientists will compare environmental water sample results against the South African Drinking Water Standard, which is simply bad science, and incorrect from both a legal and a technical perspective.

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The outputs, graphs and reports created by our solutions for your environmental data will be easily understood by your stakeholders and shareholders, and will lead to improved decision-making.

Data Services

We verify your data for scientific correctness and provide the outputs (digitised data, electronic reports, graphs, etc) to you.

Data Products

Data Visualization Solutions that you can download and use at your own risk to wrangle your own data into visual outputs.

Data Applications

Data Digitization Solutions we develop in the form of Applications (Apps) to help you digitize data into the modern era.

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Please note that all our products are not yet available for online purchase, and if you are interested in similar solutions, or if you would like more detail on any of these environmental data solutions, or require a bespoke solution that will meet your specific data digitization and visualization needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Digitization and Visualization

Environmental data

The digitisation and digitalisation of environmental data plays an essential role in ensuring the transformation of environmental policy into good governance practices on a site-specific basis.

Incorporating efficient environmental data management systems is one of the key factors, which contributes to a business’ success.  Given its transformative nature, sustainability is expected to adapt to the new possibilities and perils of the digital age, or vice versa, digitization is the driver that changes sustainability. If we fail to present our environmental data in a visualized and easy-to-understand format to decision-makers, we are ultimately responsible for the poor governance decisions that will inevitably be the result.We therefore have to make sure that decision-makers understand environmental data and the complex relationships that underpins them. 

Water Authorizations

Environmental data solutions does not mean “somebody who can do GIS”. Environmental data digitization and digitization, as well as visualization, are about much, MUCH more than the ability to make pretty maps. If you are still collecting any type of environmental related data on a clipboard or other piece of paper (like weigh-bridge loads, field measurements of levels or volumes of water in impoundments, or field measurements of water quality variables, or maintenance logs, or even complaints registers), or if you are storing heaps and heaps of lab results on some excel spreadsheet somewhere, you have not digitized or digitalized your environmental data, and you cannot claim that your data is being used to inform sound decision-making.

At CBSS, we create innovative solutions, services and products that will digitize, digitalize, and visualize your environmental data. Whatever the data, if you currently collect it in an excel spreadsheet, or even in a photocopied form on a clipboard, we can convert it into a digitized format, and help you to turn your data into visualized management information. And we will ensure that this information is available to you, in a secure online format that is scientifically correct, and understandable to non-specialists.

CBSS provides custom-made solutions for the interpretation and visualisation of your water and environmental monitoring data

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Environmental Data Solutions

Some examples of our current solutions that can help you to digitize, digitalize and visualize your environmental data include:

We got tired of struggling for hours on a spreadsheet to generate just a simple time-series graph of water quality and/or quantity data. That is why we developed LEGUAAN® – our Water Quality Monitoring Data Visualization, Management and Reporting solution, to convert water monitoring data into interactive graphs and reports, quickly, and with no effort from your side.

We have created a Chart-maker for plotting SASS5 and ASTP data, within the correct Biological Bands, in accordance with the River Health Programme Guidelines, as per the paper of H.F. Dallas (2007): SASS Data Interpretation Guidelines for the River Health Programme. We can also customize the charts to include your branding, logo, colours, and other specifications.

Our WaterMonster App for the collection of field data for water quality sampling. We created the WaterMonster App, which captures all the critical field data directly on your mobile device when you are taking water samples for laboratory analysis, which means you will never need a clipboard or camera in the field again. And no more muddy sheets of paper to transfer data from once you are back in the office.

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