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We specialize in providing cooperative and collaborative solutions in environmental, waste and water governance and management, which helps you to take better business management decisions.

Environmental and Water

Governance and Management Solutions

We categorise our solutions for your Environmental- and Water Governance needs into the following four groups of Advisory Services:

Water and Environmental Data Interpretation and Visualisation Solutions

Environmental and Water related Authorisations and Services.

Environmental and Water Governance Planning Services.

Water Governance Sciences, Water Balance, Water Footprints.

We provide specialist services such as water use license compliance audits.

Environmental and Water Governance and Management Solutions

How it works

The services associated with each of these four categories, and the linkages and information flow between these services, are illustrated in the following diagram.

Environmental and water needs

Clients Who Have Benefited

Client Focused Solutions

We have provided sustainable solutions in especially water governance and management to many different types of clients, including mining companies, petro-chemical and other chemical industries, agro-businesses, environmental consultancies, local and national government departments, water user associations and irrigation boards, labour unions, environmental NGOs, and universities.

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Our Clients and Projects

A searchable list of our completed projects, and the clients for whom we had provided solutions can be found here:

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Our environmental and water governance solutions can help you take sustainable management decisions

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