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Carin Bosman

Owner / Director /
Environmental Governance Specialist

Carin is widely recognised as a water resources scientist and a leading specialist in environmental, water resource and waste management and governance in South Africa. She has almost 30 years of experience, and is known for her exceptional knowledge of the technical interpretation of southern African environmental legislation. She is an invited guest lecturer at four South African Universities.

Miki Eff

Digital Environmental
Solutions Specialist

Miki has more than 30 years of experience in developing software and data management solutions for environmental applications. She obtained her degree from the University of Hawaii in Hawaiian Studies, with her major focusing on the Natural Environment. She has been living in South Africa for the last 14 years.

Nonhlanhla Mhlongo

Research Assistant

Nhlah is a researcher and trainee at CBSS. She is a qualified educator (B.Ed.) with a keen interest in environmental and community health research. She is fluent in ten (10) of the 11 official languages of South Africa. Her contribution to projects requiring community liaison, as well as with training, and the general administration of projects, including data capture and quality control, are invaluable in ensuring the effective service delivery of CBSS.


Networking Opportunities

Conferences, Events, and Presentations

In order to remain at the forefront of innovation and scientific knowledge, it is our policy to attend at least one conference per year, and to present on a relevant topic at each conference that we attend. Carin Bosman has won the award for best presenter at a number of international conferences , presenting on a wide range of topics, from fracking, to nitrate pollution, to the water crisis in Cape Town. She is also regularly invited to participate in discussion panels on environmental governance matters.

Environmental Solutions

Our Partners and Collaborators

As we described when we told Our Story, we realized from the very beginning that Collaboration is the key to achieving our mission of delivering Solutions that lead to sustainable decision-making in Environmental- and Water Governance, because it takes a village to eat an elephant. We therefore work in close partnership and collaboration with the following organizations:

Water Institute of South Africa (WISA)

The Water Institute of South Africa (WISA) represents the entire water sector in Southern Africa. CBSS works closely with WISA to ensure that the quality of our training courses is up to standard. For more information, visit www.wisa.org.za

Kruger & Associates

Kruger & Associates have, since 1982, successfully planned and managed the logistical arrangements and administration of many training events and conferences on the natural/built environment. environmental sciences, law, and technology. CBSS works in close collaboration with Glaudin Kruger when planning and marketing our training events. For more information, email kruger@kruger-associate.com


iWater turns scientific knowledge into environmental solutions that will restore contaminated water resources.  They focus on biotechnology (microbiological and biochemical interventions), creating bespoke and site-specific treatment technologies to target specific problem areas.  They also undertake environmental analysis, tailor-made to address problem variables.

CBSS collaborates with iWater on a number of projects, specifically aimed at reducing water footprints of medium-sized industries. For more information, visit www.iwatersolutions.co.za

Geoflux Consulting

Geoflux Consulting is an environmental- and engineering company based in Gaberone, Botswana.

CBSS collaborates with Geoflux on a number of projects, specifically aimed at providing water to rural communities. For more information, visit www.geoflux.co.bw

Iggdrasil Scientific Services (ISS)

Iggdrasil Scientific Services (ISS) provides expert guidance in the environmental and ecological fields which provides a sound basis for decision making. CBSS works in partnership with Iggdrasil Scientific Services, to ensure scientifically sound aquatic biomonitoring. For more information, visit www.iggdrasilscientific.com

AHL Water

AHL Water provides specialist consulting services in water purification and wastewater treatment, and undertakes operational risk assessments to assist municipal and industrial clients to improve the operational aspects of their water treatment facilities.

CBSS collaborates with AHL Water on a number of projects, specifically aimed at building capacity in and ensuring appropriate provision of water supply and sanitation services to urban and rural communities. For more information, visit www.ahlwater.co.za

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