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Proper planning is the key to successful environmental- and water governance decision-making. The development of a environmental, water- or waste management, maintenance and/or monitoring plans, is our speciality. This is where our unique technical skills, combined with our focus on collaboration, will facilitate the development of plans and implementation strategies that will be acceptable to all government agencies and external stakeholders, as well as to your management, and can be implemented throughout your different business units.

Water Governance Planning

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Environmental Data Management

Development of New IWWMPs and Updating of Existing IWWMPs.

Catchment Management, Groundwater- and Aquifer Management Plans and Strategies.

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We have provided sustainable solutions in especially water governance to many different types of clients, including mining companies, petro-chemical and other chemical industries, agro-businesses, environmental consultancies, local and national government departments, water user associations and irrigation boards, labour unions, environmental NGOs, and universities.

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