Sappi Ngodwana Mill IWWMP and WUL Amendment and Renewal Application

CBSS is compiling the WUL Renewal and Amendment Application for Sappi Ngodwana

Carin Bosman Sustainable Solutions (CBSS), has been appointed as independent water governance specialist to prepare an Integrated Water and Waste Management Plan (IWWMP) for the Sappi Ngodwana Mill, which is to be implemented over the next five (5) years.

This IWWMP will form the basis of the submission of an application for the renewal and amendment of the current Water Use License (WUL) issued to the Mill under the National Water Act 36 of 1998 (NWA) for the authorisation of the following water uses as described under section 21:
– Section 21(a): the taking of water from the Ngodwana Dam;
– Section 21(b): the storage of water in the Ngodwana Dam;
– Section 21(c): the diversion of minor tributaries of the Elands River around the Lime Dams and Macro Dump;
– Section 21(e): irrigation of treated effluent on the Ngodwana Irrigation Farms;
– Section 21(f): the discharge of treated effluent from the Ngodwana Sewage Treatment Works into the Elands River;
– Section 21(g): the disposal of wastewater into the irrigation dams, the stormwater dams at the Mill, and the leachate and stormwater dams at the Macro Dump; and
– Section 21(i):the alteration of the characteristics of a water course at the Bambi bridge, the Spearville pedestrian bridge, and the Spearville Village, a portion of which is located in the 1 in 100-year floodline of the Elands River.

Although the WUL Renewal and Amendment Application will not entail any changes to volumes of water being abstracted or disposed as authorised in the current WUL, it requires amendment to incorporate the actions in the updated IWWMP.

To ensure that the tasks and actions to be developed for the IWWMP are based on objectives that reflect the needs and requirements of all its stakeholders, we need your assistance: Please complete this I&AP Registration Card and tell us about your role, your expectations on aspects that the IWWMP should address, and how addressing a particular aspect will help you, or in your opinion, lead to better protection of surface- and groundwater resources near the Mill.

We will use these inputs to inform the formulation of the Key Performance Areas (KPAs) for the IWWMP.

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