Our Specialist Services in

Environmental and Water Governance

Specialist Environmental and Water Governance Services

With our extensive experience, having worked for many years in government, as well as our background in chemistry and environmental management, we can provide unique specialist services in environmental and water governance. One example is that we never follow a “checklist” approach in conducting compliance audits – we first determine if the conditions in the instrument (such as a WUL) meet the requirements of administrative justice, and will only measure your compliance against those specifications in your WUL or WML that do meet the requirements for just administrative action as outlined in PAJA.

Our Specialist Environmental and Water Governance Services

– Water Use License (WUL) Compliance Audits
– Waste Management Facility License Compliance Audits

Received a Notice of Intent to issue a Directive?
We can assist you with a representation to reduce the likelyhood of the Directive being issued

– Development of Policy, Regulations, and Guidelines
– Specialist Comments on draft Policy and Regulations

– Water and Climate Change
– Water rights, Water Transfers, Water Trading, and Water Servitudes

WAter is a shared resoure, and because of this, there is often conflict and disputes around access to a water resource.

– Water Reclaimation Projects
– SEAs, EIAs, WULAs, IWWMPs, IWMPs, etx

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Client Focused Solutions

We have provided sustainable solutions in especially water governance to many different types of clients, including mining companies, petro-chemical and other chemical industries, agro-businesses, environmental consultancies, local and national government departments, water user associations and irrigation boards, labour unions, environmental NGOs, and universities.

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