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Course Descriptions

Descriptions of our training courses that will improve your environmental, waste and water governance and management decisons can be found on the following pages:

Water Governance SA

Water Governance in South Africa, including

Water Governance in  South Africa: Integrated Water Resource Management, the  National Water Act, and Water Use Authorisations, focusing on Water Use License Applications (WULAs) and Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMPs).

Water Quality Monitoring and Management

This three-day course has been designed to facilitate understanding of the principles underpinning the design and implementation of a water quality monitoring programme, and covers the basic scientific concepts necessary for, as well as the aspects associated with such design and implementation, including the monitoring cycle, and the selection of monitoring locations, frequencies of sampling, and variables for analysis. It also focusses on facilitating understanding of water quality monitoring data collection, including sampling techniques, the handling and transportation of samples, and considerations in the selection of laboratories for the analysis of specific variables

Water Quality Monitoring and Management

Groundwater Governance

Sustainable Integrated
Groundwater Governance and Management

The aim of this 3-day course is to provide attendees with a practical understanding of the concepts and principles underpinning Groundwater Governance in the context of South African Framework environmental legislation, and focusses on pollution prevention, waste disposal, the remediation of contaminated land and monitoring for regulatory purposes.

Masterclass in Waste Governance

Masterclass in Waste Governance, focussing on South African Legislation, including the NEM:WA, PAJA,  Integrated Waste Management Planning, Norms and Standards, Waste Classification and Waste Management Licenses

Waste governance

Environmental Authorizations

South African Environmental Authorisations

Overview of South African Environmental Authorisations: NEMA – Environmental Authorisation, NEM:WA – Waste Management License, MPRDA – EMPs, and NWA – Water Use Authorisations.

In-house Training Courses

In-house Training Courses in environmental management and governance are adapted to suit the needs of individual organisations, and can be presented as one- or two-day Workshops, three day Introductory Courses, or 5-day in-depth Training Programs, depending on the depth and level of training required.

In-house training

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