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In today’s South Africa, it is critical to realise that appropriate and prudent integrated environmental management is essential to achieve sustainable development and to facilitate the achievement of both the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially poverty alleviation.

Our specialized training solutions improve your decision-making in environmental, waste and water governance and management. This results in improved standards in environmental decision-making throughout the country. The content of our training courses are based on international curriculums in the fields of environmental, water and waste governance. Some of our courses are accredited for CPD-points.

We also offer custom-made in-house training programmes on a number of specific environmental- and water governance matters. 

Training courses


The conscientious manager, civil servant, employee and consultant understands that maintaining and improving his or her knowledge of the concepts and principles underpinning sustainability, integrated environmental management and risk management, as well as of recent developments in environmental legislation, specifically water and waste management laws and regulations, are critical to continue to make a difference to the future of our country. We provide training solutions in environmental, waste and water governance, which lead to improved decision-making.

Environmental, Waste and Water

Training Solutions

Since establishing CBSS in 2008, Carin Bosman, your course presenter, has presented more than 60 short training courses, and has trained more than a thousand delegates, from national, provincial and local government, universities, industries, mines, farming communities, and civil and community based organisations.

Water Governance

International water governance perspectives, sustainable water resources management initiatives, and the implementation of measures in South Africa through statutes such as the NEMA, NWA, WSA, and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, and relevant regulations.

Groundwater Governance

Concepts and principles underpinning Groundwater Governance in the context of South African Framework environmental legislation, and focusses on pollution prevention, waste disposal, the remediation of contaminated land, and monitoring for regulatory purposes.

Waste Governance

Practical understanding of the issues associated with waste generation, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal, and sustainable solutions to these issues based on legislative requirements, taking cognizance of the integrated waste management hierarchy.

Environmental Authorisations

Understanding of environmental authorizations, focusing on EIA, water use authorization, and waste management facility license processes in the context of environmental management legislation, and to address practical pitfalls within these processes.

Environmental Awareness Workshop

CBSS has developed a dedicated one-day Environmental Awareness Workshop that provides attendees with an overall awareness of the need for good environmental governance and an understanding of their liabilities, duties, and responsibilities in so far as compliance with environmental legislative requirements.

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