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Water Quality Monitoring and Management

A new 3-day Course in water quality monitoring and management has been developed jointly by Carin Bosman (CBSS cc) and Nelda Smith (University of Pretoria). 

Carin is a qualified water chemist who has more than 30 years’ experience in water monitoring and management, which experience includes the design and implementation of a number of water quality monitoring programmes, as well as the analysis of samples in a laboratory.  She has been recognised for her work by the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) as a Senior Fellow. Nelda Smith is a geologist who specialises in hydrogeology, and has ten years’ experience working for a laboratory in the collection and interpretation of water quality monitoring results.

Water Quality Monitoring Training Course

To ensure judicious water management and governance, a water quality monitoring programme is essential. Unfortunately, there appears to be significant gaps in the general understanding amongst environmental practitioners and government officials regarding the intricacies associated with water quality monitoring and management.  Such a programme should be properly designed and implemented in a scientifically correct manner, as it is the mechanism by means of which the data is collected, and the information generated upon which management and governance decisions are being based. The purposes of a water quality monitoring programme also include the determination of whether management objectives are being achieved, whether there is compliance with specific legal requirements, or if pollution is occurring.

The Course is endorsed by WISA, who facilitates the granting of CPD-points to delegates that meet the requirements for participation and attendance.

An Assessment will be conducted upon conclusion of the course to ensure quality, and a Certificate of Attendance which can be used to claim THREE (3) CPD-points from WISA, SACNASP and ECSA will be awarded to successful delegates.

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