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Water-Related Authorisations

CBSS is not a traditional environmental consultancy, as we do not churn out cookie-cutter EIAs. We focus on the authorisation requirements of the NEMA, NWA, NEM:WA, and WSA, within the context of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, to determine whether it is necessary to actually undertake an EIA, or to apply for a Water Use License (WUL), before the application is even made.

Water-Related Authorisations

Our Services

Environmental Data Management

Determination of the applicability of any water-related legislative requirements.

Identification of water uses and Determination of the TYPE of Authorisation for each identified water use.

New WUL Applications, WUL Amendments and Repackaging of WULA’s that are stuck in the system.

Facility License Applications and Applications for Exemptions (GN704, Waste Regulations, etc.).

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