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CBSS employs experts who are uniquely qualified to provide scientific services for environmental- and water governance.

The realisation of many of the principles and objectives of sustainability depends, in particular, on fruitful and effective interactions between environmental science and environmental law, yet such interactions can be notoriously difficult. 

As scientists who has worked for many years on the interface between law and science, we are uniquely qualified to practice the environmental- and water sciences from a governance perspective. We can therefore apply these sciences from a legal perspective, and interpret the legal requirements, based on the applicable scientific principles and concepts.

Environmental and Water Governance

Scientific Services

Scientific Services for Environmental and Water Governance

– Water Monitoring Data Interpretation Reports
– Compliance Monitoring: Water Quality, Water Quantities, and Aquatic Bio-monitoring

– Evaluation of existing limit values specified in a WUL
– Motivations to review current limit values or water quality compliance criteria

This is a critical component of identiifying potential risks posed by your activities, determining the significance of identified risks, and evaluating options that would address the significant risks 

Such water bakances are essential for the development of Water Conservation & Demand Management Plans 

Environmental and Water Governance Sciences - water balances
Example of a Water Balance prepared using a Sankey Metaflow Diagram
Scientific Services for Environmental and Water Governance
Example of a Site-specific Source-Pathway-Receptor Risk Evaluation

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We have provided sustainable solutions in especially water governance to many different types of clients, including mining companies, petro-chemical and other chemical industries, agro-businesses, environmental consultancies, local and national government departments, water user associations and irrigation boards, labour unions, environmental NGOs, and universities.

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