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With our extensive experience, having worked for many years in government, as well as our background in chemistry and environmental management, we can provide unique specialist services in environmental and water governance. One example is that we never follow a “checklist” approach in conducting compliance audits – we first determine if the conditions in the instrument (such as a WUL) meet the requirements of administrative justice, and will only measure your compliance against those specifications in your WUL or WML that do meet the PAJA requirements.

Water Governance Planning

Our Services

Development of New IWWMPs and Updating of Existing IWWMPs.

Water Conservation & Demand Management Plans and Industry Waste Management Plans.

Catchment Management, Groundwater- and Aquifer Management Plans and Strategies.

After-mining landscape required before, during, and after the operating life of a mine.


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Let us help you with solutions to take sustainable environmental- and water governance decisions. Get in touch to discuss your Water Governance Planning  problems and needs.

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