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WaterMonster™ App

Our WaterMonster™ App takes

Field data collection into the future

Tired of filling field sampling sheets in by hand when taking water samples? And then you have to spend hours back in the office, recapturing the data for the lab from dirty pieces of paper? Or even if you captured the data in the field on a tablet in an excel spreadsheet, you still have to collate all the photos you took with the data for each sample?

To assist our clients in improving their WUL-compliance, and to overcome the problems associated with the lack of field data when interpreting water monitoring results, CBSS has created a small App, called WaterMonster™, which takes field sampling for water quality into the future.

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improve your WUL-compliance

Let's digitise field data collection

The WaterMonster™ App captures all the critical field data directly on your mobile device when you are taking water samples for laboratory analysis, including the type of water sample, the weather conditions at the monitoring location, your observations about the colour, odour and flow of the water that is being sampled, your field readings of variables such as temperature, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, etc., and documents the geo-location where the sample is being taken, as well as a photo of the conditions during sampling at the monitoring locatio, and, if a sample could not be taken, the reasons or obstacles. Oh, and if you need to purge a borehole before taking a groundwater sample, it will calculate purge-time for you. 

All your captured field data is immediately available in electronic format, and by the time you arrive in the office, all your data is already there. You will never have to struggle with muddy field-sheets, or data-transfer errors, again!

WaterMonster™ revolutionizes water sampling and field data collection as you know it! Using our App means you will have less of a hassle, no need for pen, clipboard, bulky camera or tablet, and no more typing from illegible scriblings on dirty pieces of wet paper.

WaterMonster™ App

Benefits of Using WaterMonster™

WaterMonster™ revolutionizes water sampling and field data collection as you know it! It comes with a built-in pocket-toolbox, allowing you to check the weather at your monitoring location, as well as its location on Google Maps, take a photo, do calculations, etc., all from within the App. 

The moment the person taking the sample hits “submit” on their mobile device, a Field Data Sheet for the specific monitoring location is delivered in secure pdf-format (pre-branded with your logo) to any email address that you have specified.

In addition, if you are doing a sampling run, and are collecting field data and water samples at more than one monitoring location, all the data collected over a period (specified by you), will be send to you in excel or csv format, and will be immediately available for uploading into your own databases, such as your LIMS, or your data storage database.

water monitoring data

Collection of field data is critically important

The correct interpretation of water quality monitoring results received from a laboratory is integrally linked to the availability and correctness of the data collected in the field at the time when the water sample is being taken. Often, anomalies or outliers in laboratory results can easily be explained by observations made by the sampler with regard to, for example, weather conditions, the colour or odour of the water, or the presence of litter or animal excrement. This can then be used to indicate why a certain variable was measured outside of an expected range, or even what the conditions was at the location which prevented a sample from being taken.  Moreover, certain variables, for example free chlorine and dissolved oxygen, can only be correctly measured in the field, in situ, as the concentrations of these variables will change once the sample has been transported to a laboratory.

It is a standard requirement (specified in most of the Water Use Licenses that we have seen when conducting compliance audits), that the details of the person taking the sample, as well as the time and date the sample has been taken, has to be captured together with the results of the analysis.   Unfortunately, it is very rare to find that licensees actually achieved compliance with this requirement.

The main  reason for this non-compliance, is that field data collection is not always regarded as a priority, in spite of the importance: While many laboratories do collect field data, this data is not always digitised, and even if it has been digitised in some form, it is not included in the laboratory report containing the chemical results of the sample. The main reason for this is that field data is collected in hardcopy format, with a notebook and pen, and someone has to sit and type the collected data into a database for it to become electronically available. In some cases, samplers are issued with cameras and tablets or laptops to capture the data in the field in an electronic manner, but these items are bulky and expensive, and there is still a need to compare and combine the correct photo with the correct entry in the spreadsheet afterwards, and then the spreadsheet has to be converted in a field report for each monitoring location, all of which are monotonous and cumbersome activities that can eat away at valuable time- and people resources, and that can easily introduce error in your results. 

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Our WaterMonster™ Packages

Download our App today, and use it for 20 monitoring locations, completely free of charge, and without any obligation. If you like what WaterMonster™can do for you, have a look at our flexible packages, which depend on the number of times you use our App to collect your field data – and the more you use it, the more you will save:

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About Our Packages

WaterMonster™ App

The concept is simple – you decide which bundle will work for your needs, and contact us for an invoice. The moment you have paid for your bundle, you (and whoever in your organisation that have downloaded WaterMonster™) can start using it, and when you reach the number of uses indicated as “use limit warming” for your bundle, we will alert you, so that you will have enough time to purchase a new bundle.

If you bought a bundle for 2,500 or more uses, and want us to customise your App to meet your specific needs and reflect your branding, that is entirely possible:

  •  Customise your form to add your own company logo: R500.00 once-off
  • Customise your form to add your own company logo and specify a different colour scheme: R1,000.00 once off
  • Customise your form for a specific type of sample, or with additional/different requirements/questions: once-off cost, get in touch to request a quote

WISA members qualify for a 10% discount on bundles, but not customisations

To assist our clients in improving their WUL-compliance, and to overcome the problems associated with the lack of field data when interpreting water monitoring results, CBSS has created a small App, called WaterMonster™, which takes field sampling into the future.

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